Monday, December 15, 2014

Peter & Salty

Peter and Salty are the best of friends so their mama bear wanted to capture the sweetness of her boy and his pup. The shoot was chaos and I was sure we didn't have a single shot they could use, yet to my surprise, I couldn't narrow them down I loved so many! Lucky boy Peter - enjoy Salty - you two are darling together. xxx

I know Salty's eyes are closed in the one below, but Peter looked so gorgeous, I had to include it and I sort of think Salty looks comic with his eyes in a cartoony squint shut.

Poor Peter - Salty has sharp little puppy teeth and in their playing, he did sink his little milk teeth right into Peter's chin - I thought the shoot was over for a moment, but Peter was a trooper and recovered quickly.

Love both of these versions so had to include bw and colour.

Peter plays the piano so it was perfect to use our piano innards that are sadly sitting outside our house while we try to figure out what to do with them. They weigh a tonne but look sort of cool on our back patio!

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