Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kara & Andrew - The Reefs, Bermuda Wedding

Kara and Andrew met in 2001 when she was 21, and he was only 19. At the time, Kara thought Andrew very attractive, but also too young and the two led separate lives for years while he went off on tour with the Army. A decade later, the pair reconnected when Andrew was back in the States for a few years. After one more tour of duty - this time in Afganistan from 2011 - 2012 - Andrew asked his love to be his bride on Christmas Eve, 2013 - three years to the day of the first time he told Kara he loved her. And then less than a year later, the two tied the knot, surrounded by beautiful loved ones in beautiful Bermuda.

Kara's shoes were Christian Louboutin and were also her something blue, though she thinks she dropped the ball on the other somethings.

The bride's and her maid's flowers were designed by Gimi, and her now sister-in-law (also Kara) did her make-up and her friend Francesca did her hair.


Kara was madly in love with her antique art deco old mine cut 1920s engagement ring, which Andrew had selected with the help of his two sisters. Kara loved it so much, she designed the whole wedding theme around the ring style, going for an understated art deco beach theme. Very chic.

Kara and Andrew chose The Reefs after seeing my photos of the location, which after this summer and my shooting so many weddings there, will only happen even more!! Kara was born in Bermuda and had always hoped to get married on the island, so when the time came, she began to search and search and saw so many different weddings I had shot at this location and they thought they were all so beautiful. With family in Paget, they knew they'd like to be on the South Shore and they had heard nothing but wonderful things about the resort so they felt lucky to get their first choice of location and photographer!

As you can see by the back of Andrew's jacket and the floor, the skies started to sprinkle a little, but there was no dampening of spirits at this wedding, despite the scattered showers.




Kara and Andrew's first dance song was "Ther First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. One night, about a month before the wedding, they spent an evening on their patio with a bottle of wine and both of their I-tunes libraries. They were both allowed unlimited vetoes and figured they'd know somehow when it was the right one. They listened to that song and both shed a few tears so it was deemed the winner!

Thank you both for sharing your warm and open spirits with me - you were a pleasure to photograph and your wedding was stylish, chic and full of love love love! xxx

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