Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chris, Shelley, Oscar & Maeve

Shelley and I have been trying to book this session in for years, but it finally happened and to me, it was worth the wait for them as the kids were just at the best ages. Chris and Shelley feel so lucky to have beeb blessed with two gorgeous children late in life but I think these two kids are pretty blessed to have such fabulous parents!

Oscar was almost six at our shoot and although he was a little tired from too many summer holiday late nights, I think he did beautifully. His mummy thinks it was a shame we didn't wait until the winter when we could do the shoot earlier in the day, but I think this little love bug was just delicious and I can totally see what a super cuddly and affectionate boy he can be.

Maeve is a summer solstice baby, born exactly at the end of the solstice yoga chants, which is very fitting considering Shelley is a yoga goddess! She is a dichotomy as she is incredibly intelligent and fiery, but still needs to be close by her peeps. Shelley says she feels lucky to get a kiss and a hug from her in a day.


This dress made my heart skip a beat - I love those muted adult colours on a child and the whimsical flowy design.



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