Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chase, Parker, and Zachary

These three little love muffins came to my house for a mini session. I had donated a session to the Eliza Doolittle Society's silent auction and they were the lucky winners. We had loads of fun playing in the garden and I loved how, despite their different ages and personalities, Chase, Parker and Zachary all get along and play so beautifully together.

Chase is 5 1/2 and is definitely a confident, smart and active boy who loves anything "powerful", be is sharks, the Hulk, dinosaurs and the like. He loves to try new things, especially sports and will keep at it until he knows he is good at it which is such an amazing quality. He likes to be the leader, especially when it comes to playing with his two younger brothers.

Parker was two at the time of our shoot and is the loudest and most social of the three brothers. He certainly knows how to get someone's attention and is fearless as he follows his older brother everywhere, but is is also the most affectionate and loving little boy.

Little love bug Zachary is a brave brave soul. Soon after he was born, it was discovered that he had some health issues and although he has gone through so much in his short life, he always maintains the most beautiful smile that melts hearts. He is a happy go lucky little boy who idolises his older brothers.

Chris and Patty - you are so lucky to have three such wonderful boys and I am so happy for you that they all have such a beautiful relationship. xxx

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