Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maria, Simon, Sophia & Sally

Maria and Simon have lived in Bermuda for seven years now and love the beauty of the island and especially the beaches. Although Simon is not a fan of the sand, and as a result they tend to go out on the boat on the weekends, he agreed to a beach shoot with the kids. The last time photographed the family, Sophia was only just a year old and so they have been wanting to do a shoot ever since little Sally was born. Since both girls were born in Bermuda (but half Swedish), and the know they will be living back in the UK one day in the future, they decided these beach photos are a nice keepsake to remember their childhoods on the island.



Sophia and Sally are so sweet together and adore each other (most of the time!). They are just getting to the right age to play well together. Sally is usually the little monkey of the family and copies everything her big sister does - good and bad things. They had a sweet little tea party with cups and saucers and flowers and fairy wings - nothing better.

Next they were given yummy cupcakes!

While Sophia was nicely posing, and then I was getting a great shot of the darling signage, I didn't even notice was cheeky little Sally was up to!

Not sure if she thought the icing was suncream, or if she just wanted to slather herself in icing, but either way, it was hysterical. Apparently she usually hates having dirty hands so her mummy was very surprised.


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