Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sophie

 Sweet little Sophie came to my house right before I moved and hers was the last session I did in that dreamy over grown garden under my beloved loquat tree that arched over so perfectly. I had filled it with moss when we first moved there three years ago, and Sophie's mummy, Suzie, had seen a shoot I had done on the blog with stars in the tree and was smitten. Since Sophie simply adores Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and it was the first song she sang, Suzie thought it was the perfect theme that had meaning to them. Although it was the same theme as I had done before, she wanted to make it a little different, so Suzie decided she would make 3 dimensional stars instead and found the ideal how-to on Pinterest. She spend many hours over three days cutting and folding the beautiful gold and silver stars and tying strings on them for the tree. There were over 200 in total in three different sizes and although it was so much work, the setting was so whimsical that it was well worth all the effort.

Suzie also made a couple crowns, and although she said she thought the larger of the two looked like a bishop's hat, I thought it was sweet, but just to be safe and to make sure Suzie liked the photos, we had Sophie try on one of my crowns too.

Suzie had actually been given the shoot as a baby shower gift, but they never got around to scheduling the session and next thing they knew, Suzie was pregnant again. Anna was only a newborn when we did the shoot but since Sophie was getting a little older, her personality was really starting to shine through so her parents wanted to do something special just for Sophie after baby sister Anna had arrived. The focus of the shoot was on Sophie and capturing a special moment in her childhood, and although we snuck in a few wee family ones at the end of the session with all four of them, it was Sophie's special day. That said, Suzie is already planning the next shoot she wants to do for Sophie and trying to come up with some relevant ideas for baby Anna too. She is waiting to see what their new little love bug is interested in to give the photos meaning, but for now, it is fun to dream.

Thank you all for being so amazing setting up the magical star scene - it was just mesmerising and I think these images of sweet little Sophie will be special always. xxx

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