Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faith & Kevin -- Vow Renewal, Bermuda

Faith and Kevin were married in June, 2003. They have an 8 year old daughter and a 6 year old son and the family love to spend time together riding bikes and taking various day excursions. But something Kevin and Faith decided they wanted to do, just the two of them, was to honour their ten years of marriage with a special trip and a vow renewal. They wanted their ceremony to be intimate and with beautiful scenery. The couple chose Bermuda because of its closeness to the US and they had always heard how it is such a beautiful island. 

We decided to do a combination of Southlands with its glorious acreage of the banyan tree and the beach just down the hill. At first they were going to exchange vows under the canopy but later decided the beach with the ocean view and sounds of the waves would be more romantic so we did photos first in the trees.



The couple each wrote their own vows renewing and expressing their commitment and love for each other - it was incredibly touching to witness.


There is a huge movement among a certain type of wedding photographer to get the most creative and unusual ring shot. I love ring shots, but what really moves me most is emotion and people so I tend to find myself spending that time on couple shots rather than away figuring out cool ring shots. That said, when I saw this piece of drift wood - an entire tree root with part of the trunk, I was swooning. I just adore the soft greys of drift wood and all the different textures and stories told in the wood. So I couldn't resist doing a few shots of their polished, shiny rings in contrast with the soft organic wood, weathered by the elements.

How delish that there is an upside down heart just under Kevin's ring in the shot below.

Kevin and Faith - thank you so much for asking me to be part of such an intimate and inspiring exchange - you two are so lovely together and I hope next time you come to Bermuda, I can meet and photograph your gorgeous children with you! Much love and wishing you many many more blissful years together. xxx

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