Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jack is One

You may remember John and Brittany from their beautiful Coral Beach Wedding last year, and here is sweet Baby Jack, who was in utero for the nuptials, is already one. Brittany wanted to not only honour Jack's birthday, but indeed make it a celebration for herself and John and so decided to commemorate the occasion with a photo shoot.

For the location of the shoot, Brittany chose High Point, which is on of the last large lots of green space left that is private and not part of a park or nature reserve. She grew up on the property and used to shoot photos and paint up there. She learned how to ride a horse, a pedal bike, a mobylette and also celebrated many of her own birthdays there so it seemed like the perfect spot to photograph Jack on his first birthday.

Brittany knows there are so many picturesque spots in Bermuda for photos, but she adores the rural waterfront and even though she is in real estate now and should be pro development, she can't bear the idea of any concrete dwellings being built on the pristine hillside. If there were ever a condo development erected in that spot, Brittany is sure she will sob.

Brittany remembers her 20th birthday when she had set up an obstacle course for a three legged race which involved blackberry brandy shots along the way - she sighs at the thought of her poor neighbours back then! And now look at her - glowing mama bear and enjoying that same space with her own sweet family.

It just so happened, that John's son, Tyler, had some time off work in Canada and chose to coincide his visit to Bermuda with his little brother's birthday.

Brittany's father even made it to the shoot which was quite a hike so I was impressed.

On the property, there is also a ruin - it was clearly once a sweet little house but now all the windows are hollow holes and parts of the roof torn in storms. Inside, it is charming and eerie at the same time - you can see the many years of different coloured walls all peeling to reveal the many stories at once. The floor boards are almost gone and plants are growing inside - a dream shooting location.

It was a little nerve wracking putting little Jack down, especially barefoot - there were so many splintered boards and rusty nails - not a safe place for a baby! But worth it closely supervised, for such a unique location.

Can you believe this glam chair still in there in such good condition - I was swooning!

Thank you all for a lovely shoot and arranging for me to come to such a magical spot - Brittany, you were very lucky to have spent your childhood there and so happy you were able to get permission to visit your old stomping grounds - well worth the treacherous drive and walk! Happy birthday Jack! xxx

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