Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sarah's Beautiful Baby Bump

You may recognise Sarah from her marriage to Ian which I was lucky enough to photograph two years ago. The couple are very excited to be expecting their first baby, as are the rest of the family as it is the first grandchild on either side so all the parents and siblings are eagerly awaiting the new addition. Even though Sarah and Ian have known since September that they are having a boy, they are still struggling with a name and are hoping they figure it out sometime soon. Aside from the lack of narrowing down a name, the two are ready for their baby's arrival and are really looking forward to becoming parents.

Sarah feels very lucky to have had a happy and easy pregnancy and has enjoyed the experience. She was keen to have some photos to remember this special time and liked the idea of a pregnancy shoot that was soft and dreamy. Originally, we had planned to go to the beach at dusk to get the right sort of light and feel but at the last minute, she decided to come to my home for a mini session instead.



 I have been in this house for almost six months now and I am finally figuring out the best light and times for shooting. The day Sarah came, the sun was shining so we really scored on the gorgeous glowy light front and I was thrilled to be able to incorporate the swing that Ben had recently hung with an old rope he and the children had found at the beach. The rope wasn't quite long enough so the swing is about five feet off the ground so at first, I was annoyed with him, for how could I possibly shoot children on a swing so high up, but now I realise it is perfect for adult shoots and we will have to find another spot for a littles swing using longer rope!



Sarah had popped into Petals on Queen Street the day before and selected this delicate selection of pastel blooms which really added to the romance of the shoot.


Thank you Sarah for a lovely shoot - I am so glad you didn't give up on the idea after all as it is such a beautiful time in a woman's life and should be honoured and these memories captured - good luck with the birth and look forward to meeting the new little man in your lives! xxx

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