Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's in Store

I have just returned from holiday in France and England and have not posted in an age. I had a nervous peek at my stat counter and was mortified and guilt ridden to see how high the daily hits were - either I am very popular and people who are into photography don't give up, even when I don't post for almost a month, or my pending weddings' couples and all their guests have been checking every day in the hopes that it might be their event featured next. I knew that it would take me an eternity to work on each one of them properly with all the details and story line, so instead, I have just rush processed a few from each beautiful event - think of it as a wee sneak peek to tide each newly wed over. I know it is not much and I agonised trying to narrow down since there was so much from each gorgeous marriage, but here are some snippets of each of your days. Enjoy! xx

Kylie and Adam had a dream wedding at The Reefs, surrounded by family and friends who had flown in for their destination wedding from all over.

I was so smitten with Tiffany and Camille's twin boys that I almost forgot the couple. Although the sun did not shine for this darling family on the Fairmont Southampton Beach, their happiness and love lit up the day like fireworks.

Tammy and Josh were so patient with me in getting the fun shots around the Reefs property. Tammy's face lit up like a Hollywood movie star when she smiled and Josh's understated ways were nothing short of sexy!!

 Joanne and Nico were married earlier that day on a visiting ship, but we met up and traveled around the island to get some amazing shots, from Southlands to several beaches. Although I wanted to include the greenery ones too, I simply couldn't resist these trash-the-dress ones from the end of the session.

I have known Brian for more than half my life and I nearly fell off my chair when I met his gorgeous bride. They planned their Tuckers Point wedding on his birthday and the overwhelming love and ternderness shared between these two, and the kids, made my heart melt.

Dashing off now to shoot another wedding! The summer is filled with so much shooting, I barely get anytime to process - if you are waiting for photos, I am working as fast as I can but please, if you email, I only have to take time out from working on photos to answer so better to check the blog and your pics will be with you soon! Thanks so so much for understanding xxxx

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