Thursday, February 18, 2010

Workshop Mania

I am in the throes of finishing all my preparations for the full day workshop on Sunday. I can't believe how much is involved but I am so excited about it, I could burst. The computer guy came and hooked up my computer to the projector so it all looks very professional. Have some adorable models lined up at some fabulous locations. And before that, lots and lots of tips on how to make delicious images that you will love love love. Not to mention good eats too.

I have just had one client who sadly now cannot make this weekend, so if anyone is around this Sunday and would like to sneak in last minute, there is space! Just drop me an email and I can send you the details.

Really looking forward to getting back on track. Christine, our heavenly nanny, is back at long last, the computers are fixed, and the results from my first workshop will be posted next I hope!

Stay tuned,


ps - and because I love love photos, here is a photo of the cats, Bear and Noodle, before the pup joined our family - such peaceful memories and how they will miss them.

pps - puppy has a name at last, but don't want to blog about him until have some lovely photos so when things calm down, will shoot lots of him all loved up with the kids (and I mean the hairless ones - not Bear and Noodle!)

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